The Statistics of 4 Aces

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 30 under Methodology

A veteran CRO advocate of our 4 aces forecasting model and world-class poker player advised me that 4 aces can be beaten in poker by a royal flush. For those new to poker, a straight flush is 5 cards of the same suit in numerical order [6,7,8,9 and 10 of diamonds for example]. A royal [...]

Ineffective Sales Plans

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 28 under Incentive Process, Motivation

Probably the most common mistake I see companies make is developing a performance-based incentive plan where they pay the same commission for both new account business and ongoing business with established accounts.
New account business is ALWAYS worth more than ongoing business with existing accounts because:

it’s more difficult business to obtain than continuing business with already [...]

The Nemesis of All Sales Campaigns

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 25 under Forecast Process, Methodology

Many readers have talked to me about the comparison I make in the book between sales and poker. There are at least three similarities between poker and selling that are easily recognized but the most toxic parallel is the risk of ‘winning’ both the longest average sales cycles and the highest sales cost as a [...]

What Companies Really Want From Sales Training

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 8 under Forecast Process

My experience with sales training requests in over a half dozen senior executive roles were all amazingly similar. The justifications attached to the appropriation requests contained combinations of the following:

Our reps can’t get to the decision maker.
We need our reps to be more aggressive.
Morale needs a boost.
We need better closing techniques.
Marketing is cutting back promotions [...]

Welcome to the CRO Success Blog

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 4 under General

We are pleased to launch our informational blog designed for CRO’s.  Haven’t heard of the CRO title?  The acronym stands for Chief Revenue Officer…the person responsible for growing profitable revenue within the company.  In some companies, the CRO may be the owner.  In other companies, the CRO may be a Regional Manager.
We’ve conceived of this blog as a [...]

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