Salesopedia Interview-Chief Revenue Officer

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Nov 30 under Incentive Process

Welcome back from a long holiday weekend.  We are into the home stretch for the remainder of this year and incentive plans are the hot topic amongst my clients.  That fact was the driving force behind my recent Salesopedia article – Incenting the Incentive Plan.
I recently completed a podcast interview with Clayton Shold from Salesopedia [...]

Incenting the Incentive Plan

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Nov 25 under Incentive Process

It is that time of year where CRO’s are developing sales quotas and incentive plans for next year.  I have an article up on that you can read as you prepare your 2010 plans.
Follow this link to read the article.
If you don’t have time to read the entire thing, here is one critical point [...]

Selecting Sales Talent

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Nov 16 under Hiring

In today’s economy, employers have almost unlimited access to good sales talent. With supply exceeding demand, hiring decisions have improved based on the larger talent pool but clients are still asking – How do I identify the BEST candidates?  Most applicants submit some type of “water walker” extraordinaire resume suggesting they have personally kept an [...]

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