New Year’s Resolution to the Marketing vs. Sales Conundrum

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 28 under Market, Message, Qualifying

The confusion over the roles of marketing and sales in the revenue cycle has been in play for decades. Sales claims they never get enough ‘good’ leads from Marketing and Marketing says they generate more than enough leads to make the budget if Sales only knew how to sell. This dysfunctional relationship progresses to a [...]

2010 – The Year of Qualifying

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 7 under Qualifying, Sales Process

2010 will become the year of qualifying for those companies that will still be standing at year’s end. Our clients confirm there are no constraints on companies today regarding manufacturing capacity, facilities, staffing or vendor deliveries. Everything is in surplus except orders. This means the prospect (and current customer) qualifying process now has to address [...]

Too Short Sales Cycle

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 2 under Methodology

The present economy brings many discussions of extended sales cycles.  In the quest to shorten these cycles, I remember the shortest sales cycle – and worst sales call – I have ever observed.
It was in my early CRO days traveling in New Hampshire with our local sales rep. We arrived early for the meeting at [...]

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