An Ounce of Preparation…

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 29 under Market, Sales Process

OK, I know I am twisting the wording on that title, but you will see why.  My last post regarding my worst sale was a bit dated but still burned into my memory. It seems like anything pre-internet is now considered from the dark ages of sales history so let me bring you my next [...]

My Worst Sale

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 19 under Methodology, Qualifying, Sales Process

I had the opportunity to reconnect with one of my college friends near the end of ‘09 and in a moment of reflection he had the ill manners to ask, “What was your biggest lost-sale disappointment?”
It took about 2 milliseconds to flash back to my computer systems days in Detroit. I was branch manager for [...]

The Canary in the Coal Mine

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 8 under Forecast Process

One of our CRO level book reviewers recently commented…
You’ve really got some powerful stuff here. The way you approach issues from a common sense, realistic position …comes through loud and clear. The path seems so obvious at times but it never ceases to amaze me how many people (CRO’s) end up so far off the [...]

Salesopedia Article-The Bankable Forecast

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 1 under Forecast Process

Q1 is here and staring you in the face.  As all CRO’s know, sales is a tendentious field dominated by a simple question – What have you done for me lately?  2009 is gone and the new year holds expectations for revenue improvement.  So what is your outlook for 2010?  How strong is your forecast?  [...]

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