CEO Sales Calls Known As Train Wrecks

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Feb 22 under Methodology, Sales Process

How risky is it when CEO’s without a sales background want to ‘join the sales team and go slay dragons’ (i.e. attack the market and close new business). CEO’s are obviously focused on revenue today and when they are put in front of a real opportunity, all kinds of things can go wrong. I have [...]

Street-Level Success

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Feb 9 under Management, Methodology

I received an interesting review of my book Sales Revenue System 2.0 recently – ”This is very street-level.”
My response was “Thank You!”
Just like you never see a bad sales resume, you also never see a bad business plan. After decades of reviewing new company startup plans, it became obvious the plans all had the same [...]

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