Street-Level Success

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Feb 9 under Management, Methodology

I received an interesting review of my book Sales Revenue System 2.0 recently – ”This is very street-level.”

My response was “Thank You!”

Just like you never see a bad sales resume, you also never see a bad business plan. After decades of reviewing new company startup plans, it became obvious the plans all had the same motivational template in that everyone involved (founders and investors) would all be rich and famous very soon. Our landfills must have been overrun with these bogus documents because I can count on one hand the total number of companies that made it to 5 years. The plans were nothing short of elegant – color bar charts, pie charts, order processing flow charts, etc.  Excel delivered pro-forma financials that were so compelling that only paupers would say no to the deal. It seemed like the next logical step was to start planning the movie.

So what went wrong? Usually there was plenty of blame to spread around, but the one truth in every failure was a lack of revenue.  There wasn’t enough revenue generated to float the boat and investors finally pulled the plug. The market-modeling math may have been correct (5% market share will produce a $50M business opportunity, etc.) but the sales execution never got off the ground.

My observation was no one in the room (founders or investors) was hands-on about the revenue challenge associated with closing new business. Street level is where orders originate and where success is earned one order at a time.

Thank You for the “street-level” compliment. It is where companies are built by competent Chief Revenue Officers.

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