My First Sales Job

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 22 under CRO, Sales Process

I always chuckle when I hear sales people complaining about being rejected by what they classify as totally rude behavior.  For example, someone hanging up on them or worse yet, not responding to an email they worked on for days just trying to get an appointment. One contact recently asked me about how I handled [...]

Jesse James, CRO

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 16 under CRO, Management

This month’s edition of Sales and Service Excellence magazine features a Chief Revenue Officer article I wrote based on the SRS 2.0 Revenue System. The article is an overview of the SRS system with some anecdotes sprinkled into it.
Local legend has it that Jesse was interviewed in his early outlaw days and asked “Why do [...]

The 80/20 CRO Role

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 14 under CRO, Management

The Sales Revenue System 2.0 book defines 80% of the CRO role – coaching, accountability, motivation and staffing. Some folks have asked what’s typically included in the remaining 20%. Recognizing no two companies are identical, the 20% list can cover a wide bandwidth of topics. Below is a partial list of duties, tasks and responsibilities [...]

The CRO Role

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 1 under CRO, Methodology, Sales Process

One of the new charts in our DIY Revenue Workbook graphically defines how the CRO leadership roles of coaching, accountability, motivation and selection are aligned with each of the 4 core processes of the Sale Revenue System 2.0 model. The 80/20 rule applies to all leadership positions – here is that breakdown for the CRO [...]

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