What can we learn from Wimbledon?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 24 under Sales Process

The 11 hr. Wimbledon match between Isner and Mahut is over. Regardless of the outcome, the world will recognize these professional athletes as having evenly matched, advanced skills to achieve this level of play. Even with this unique match, some observers were expressing boredom with the volley treadmill and just wanted it to be over [...]

What Are You Selling?

One of the major discoveries clients make in completing the DV exercise portion of our Revenue System is this:
What we sell and how we get paid are two different things!
Your Differentiating Value is what separates you from the competition and goes beyond core competencies like the typical quality, service and support platforms most companies promote. [...]

I wish I had known

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 2 under Staffing Process

Our economy appears to be recovering in several sectors such that companies are once again looking at sales hiring. One of the most frequent CRO comments we have heard when assessing their existing sales team during the recession was, “I wish I had known that before we hired him (or her).”  That comment is usually [...]

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