Another Fish Story

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jul 27 under General

Summer is vacation time in the US and many folks do plan on spending some time fishing. That may be why several recent video Skype sessions have included a comment about the fish on my office wall in the background. That fish is a 42 pound King Salmon caught in the Nushagak River, Alaska, just [...]

Why can’t the best sales rep become a good CRO?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jul 13 under CRO, Management, Staffing Process

This remains a frequently asked question so let’s resolve the issue. First, the best sales reps in most companies typically have a ‘hunter’ profile. This profile can have many variations but the common ‘threads’ are they take total accountability for their performance (no excuses) and they follow an intuitive, qualifying-to-close process that best fits their [...]

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