What is a “Closed Loop” Revenue System?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Aug 30 under CRO, Methodology, Sales Process

If revenue is the lifeblood of a business, the revenue system is the heart that keeps everything working. Hearts operate only as “closed loop” systems and the same applies in business. In order to have a closed loop business system, you need a structured model with built-in process accountability and diagnostic controls. This is how [...]

Eliminating Sales UFO’s

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Aug 13 under Methodology, Money, Qualifying, Sales Process

Our 5M’s sales process does not specify a sequence for qualifying prospects through the Motivation, Money, Methodology and Market qualifying questions. To qualify a prospect, you need to cover all of the M’s.
However, some sales teams are seeing higher numbers of UFO’s (Un- Funded Opportunities) such that starting with the Money discussion to confirm a [...]

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