Hello from Asia

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 29 under CRO, Sales Process

I had a chance to catch up on a backlog of unopened emails during a 12+ hour flight from New York to Tokyo last week and decided it was time to speak up about all the “pseudo sales” webinars, seminars and conferences being promoted to the world of Chief Revenue Officers. The number of ‘expert’ [...]

Zero Visibility Sales Forecasts Spell Trouble

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 9 under CRO, Forecast Process, Methodology

Here is an article I wrote for the B2B Buzz blog.
An excerpt:
When you take a close look at how companies utilize their sales staffs, there are two clear reasons for Zero Visibility Sales Forecasts:

Salespeople are allowed to create their own forecast process
The forecast process aligns perfectly with the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Sales Model

Left [...]

Revenue as a System

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 8 under CRO, Methodology, Sales Process

What is the real benefit of “Revenue as a System” (RaaS)?
The short answer is:  Leadership teams strategize systems – not tactics.
My experience suggests most companies will strategically plan and develop their infrastructure systems (lean manufacturing systems, global IT systems, ISO 9000 systems, etc.) as core assets of the business but invest little time on their [...]

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