Revenue Robots

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 31 under CRO, Management, Staffing Process

Part of our Differentiating Value is to help companies identify and hire the right talent for their staffing plan. One consistent leadership error involves hiring a business development “hunter” and not providing an effective on-boarding program. Yes, these candidates are typically very independent in their sales efforts but they are not revenue robots. They still [...]

Some Levity for Your Day

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 6 under General

Cold is a relative thing ya know….

At 65 degrees, Arizonans turn on the heat. People in Minnesota plant gardens. At 60, Californians shiver uncontrollably. People in Minnesota sunbathe. At 50, Italian & English cars won’t start. People in Minnesota drive with the windows down.. [...]

Top 10 Signs You Are Not Interviewing a Hunter

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 5 under CRO, Hiring

The top 10 indications you are not interviewing a sales ‘hunter’ (aka business development) when the applicant:
1. Cannot describe a successful sales campaign against a larger competitor in a major new account.
2. Wants to know if the base compensation is upgraded annually.
3. Wants to know more about the benefits program and PTO (paid time off).
4. [...]

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