Everybody Sells

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 20 under CRO, Management, Sales Process

My thanks to Tech.MN and their Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur blog for their interview with my friend Lief Larson.  I’ve recently gotten to know Lief and his unique product which is loaded with differentiating value.  He does a good job of conveying the importance of sales for any company at any size.
An excerpt from the interview:
Nothing [...]

Workface Blog Interview

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 15 under CRO, Market, Message

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Lief Larson of Workface Blog this week.  His article is now posted on his site here.
To whet your whistle:
He said that prospective customers are like an acorn, and the way we help them grow into an oak is through nurturing. If so, then trust must [...]

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