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CRM Insanity

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 2 under CRO, Management, Sales Process

What is the role of a CRM?  In our Revenue as a System (RaaS) model, we build the critical qualifying questions along with the 4 Aces Bankable Forecast process into the structure so CRO’s have a complete audit trail on each pipeline opportunity. Ironically, many CRM installations we see today are missing both of these [...]

2012 Top 10 Indicators you need a Revenue System

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 28 under CRO, General, Management

1. Only above plan performance to budget category is expenses.
2. Commission plan payouts have become infrequent events.
3. Staff turnover rate is zero.
4. Sales department wants to go on “flextime.”
5. Discount concessions are now a standard part of every new order.
6. Forecast numbers never change…but actual performance is a roller coaster.
7. Sales is now asking customer [...]

Brand is Not Differentiating Value

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Nov 1 under CRO, Methodology, differentiating value

We spend a lot of time helping clients understand their Differentiating Value – what they bring to the market that is unique and/or better than the competition. The process is straight forward. Here is a summary for those planning their 2013 revenue program:
Differentiating Value is not:
1. Features and benefits
2. Value platform
3. Brand
4. Quality, service or [...]

Everybody Sells

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 20 under CRO, Management, Sales Process

My thanks to Tech.MN and their Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur blog for their interview with my friend Lief Larson.  I’ve recently gotten to know Lief and his unique product which is loaded with differentiating value.  He does a good job of conveying the importance of sales for any company at any size.
An excerpt from the interview:
Nothing [...]

Workface Blog Interview

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 15 under CRO, Market, Message

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Lief Larson of Workface Blog this week.  His article is now posted on his site here.
To whet your whistle:
He said that prospective customers are like an acorn, and the way we help them grow into an oak is through nurturing. If so, then trust must [...]

Teflon-Coated Leadership

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 30 under CRO, Hiring, Management, Sales Process

Our recession economy for the past several years has been a challenge for many companies but the survival process has created leaner profiles with generally better clarity regarding core business fundamentals. One area that has not advanced as far as it could under these conditions is sales leadership. Companies still want to blame the sales [...]

Black & White TV vs. HD Color – Which Do You Want?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Mar 20 under CRO, Hiring

This question is not about the history of television technology – it is about the technology available to assess new hire candidates today. In my first CRO role decades ago, we relied mostly on resume information, candidate interview style and references – what I now consider as black and white television-type data. I used this [...]

The 80/20 Survival Rule for CRO’s

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Feb 23 under CRO, Sales Process, differentiating value

Our decades of working with Chief Revenue Officers has confirmed one data point that is at the core of all revenue performance issues so we will call it the 80/20 survival rule.
80% of the challenges in meeting revenue objectives originate in two areas:
1. Not knowing or being able to explain your Differentiating Value (DV) in [...]

CRO Leadership Matrix

The CRO role – like all executive roles – is a combination of coaching, accountability, motivation and staffing. All too often CRO’s get busy with prospects, customers, and new market opportunities such that the consistency and effectiveness in their leadership role gets set aside. To avoid that mistake, we use a leadership activity matrix in [...]

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