CRO Leadership Matrix

The CRO role – like all executive roles – is a combination of coaching, accountability, motivation and staffing. All too often CRO’s get busy with prospects, customers, and new market opportunities such that the consistency and effectiveness in their leadership role gets set aside. To avoid that mistake, we use a leadership activity matrix in [...]

Zero Visibility Sales Forecasts Spell Trouble

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 9 under CRO, Forecast Process, Methodology

Here is an article I wrote for the B2B Buzz blog.
An excerpt:
When you take a close look at how companies utilize their sales staffs, there are two clear reasons for Zero Visibility Sales Forecasts:

Salespeople are allowed to create their own forecast process
The forecast process aligns perfectly with the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Sales Model

Left [...]

CRO and ACT!

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Mar 10 under CRO, Forecast Process

Part of our Mission is to deliver the tools, processes and systems C.R.O.’s need to succeed. Here is a recent development that has been a frequent topic of discussion with our C.R.O. clients.
One of the process benefits of the 4 Aces forecast model is objective clarity about where you are in the qualifying process meaning [...]

2011…The Year of Forecast Training

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 14 under CRO, Forecast Process

As 2011 starts, we are seeing signs of economic improvement and companies moving to “restart” their revenue growth process. Our observation is sales managers are calling about sales training and Chief Revenue Officers (CRO’s) are calling about Forecast Training. Here’s why – CRO’s know that when they have prospects objectively positioned in their forecast process [...]

The Canary in the Coal Mine

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 8 under Forecast Process

One of our CRO level book reviewers recently commented…
You’ve really got some powerful stuff here. The way you approach issues from a common sense, realistic position …comes through loud and clear. The path seems so obvious at times but it never ceases to amaze me how many people (CRO’s) end up so far off the [...]

Salesopedia Article-The Bankable Forecast

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 1 under Forecast Process

Q1 is here and staring you in the face.  As all CRO’s know, sales is a tendentious field dominated by a simple question – What have you done for me lately?  2009 is gone and the new year holds expectations for revenue improvement.  So what is your outlook for 2010?  How strong is your forecast?  [...]

The Nemesis of All Sales Campaigns

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 25 under Forecast Process, Methodology

Many readers have talked to me about the comparison I make in the book between sales and poker. There are at least three similarities between poker and selling that are easily recognized but the most toxic parallel is the risk of ‘winning’ both the longest average sales cycles and the highest sales cost as a [...]

What Companies Really Want From Sales Training

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 8 under Forecast Process

My experience with sales training requests in over a half dozen senior executive roles were all amazingly similar. The justifications attached to the appropriation requests contained combinations of the following:

Our reps can’t get to the decision maker.
We need our reps to be more aggressive.
Morale needs a boost.
We need better closing techniques.
Marketing is cutting back promotions [...]

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