Teflon-Coated Leadership

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 30 under CRO, Hiring, Management, Sales Process

Our recession economy for the past several years has been a challenge for many companies but the survival process has created leaner profiles with generally better clarity regarding core business fundamentals. One area that has not advanced as far as it could under these conditions is sales leadership. Companies still want to blame the sales [...]

Black & White TV vs. HD Color – Which Do You Want?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Mar 20 under CRO, Hiring

This question is not about the history of television technology – it is about the technology available to assess new hire candidates today. In my first CRO role decades ago, we relied mostly on resume information, candidate interview style and references – what I now consider as black and white television-type data. I used this [...]

Top 10 Signs You Are Not Interviewing a Hunter

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 5 under CRO, Hiring

The top 10 indications you are not interviewing a sales ‘hunter’ (aka business development) when the applicant:
1. Cannot describe a successful sales campaign against a larger competitor in a major new account.
2. Wants to know if the base compensation is upgraded annually.
3. Wants to know more about the benefits program and PTO (paid time off).
4. [...]

Hiring Sales Talent in 2011

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 2 under CRO, Hiring

Now that companies are seeing enough economic recovery to start upgrading/expanding their sales staffs, the question of “how do we identify real sales talent” is back on the agenda. So, here is the game plan summary for getting the right talent for your sale.
The first step is to define both the sales cycle and the [...]

Interviewing Sales Candidates

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Sep 30 under CRO, Hiring

Here is the Rule:
It is easier to train sales talent about your business that is it to train someone how to become a sales talent for your business. You already know all of the in’s and out’s of your business and industry but the euphoria of finding someone else that has some of that knowledge [...]

Selecting Sales Talent

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Nov 16 under Hiring

In today’s economy, employers have almost unlimited access to good sales talent. With supply exceeding demand, hiring decisions have improved based on the larger talent pool but clients are still asking – How do I identify the BEST candidates?  Most applicants submit some type of “water walker” extraordinaire resume suggesting they have personally kept an [...]

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