CRM Insanity

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 2 under CRO, Management, Sales Process

What is the role of a CRM?  In our Revenue as a System (RaaS) model, we build the critical qualifying questions along with the 4 Aces Bankable Forecast process into the structure so CRO’s have a complete audit trail on each pipeline opportunity. Ironically, many CRM installations we see today are missing both of these [...]

2012 Top 10 Indicators you need a Revenue System

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 28 under CRO, General, Management

1. Only above plan performance to budget category is expenses.
2. Commission plan payouts have become infrequent events.
3. Staff turnover rate is zero.
4. Sales department wants to go on “flextime.”
5. Discount concessions are now a standard part of every new order.
6. Forecast numbers never change…but actual performance is a roller coaster.
7. Sales is now asking customer [...]

Everybody Sells

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 20 under CRO, Management, Sales Process

My thanks to Tech.MN and their Entrepreneur 2 Entrepreneur blog for their interview with my friend Lief Larson.  I’ve recently gotten to know Lief and his unique product which is loaded with differentiating value.  He does a good job of conveying the importance of sales for any company at any size.
An excerpt from the interview:
Nothing [...]

Teflon-Coated Leadership

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 30 under CRO, Hiring, Management, Sales Process

Our recession economy for the past several years has been a challenge for many companies but the survival process has created leaner profiles with generally better clarity regarding core business fundamentals. One area that has not advanced as far as it could under these conditions is sales leadership. Companies still want to blame the sales [...]

Revenue Robots

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 31 under CRO, Management, Staffing Process

Part of our Differentiating Value is to help companies identify and hire the right talent for their staffing plan. One consistent leadership error involves hiring a business development “hunter” and not providing an effective on-boarding program. Yes, these candidates are typically very independent in their sales efforts but they are not revenue robots. They still [...]

Quick Recipe for Success

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Nov 16 under CRO, Management, Motivation

One of our local clients manages a CEO Roundtable for both executive and business development. As part of his program, he includes brief updates on development strategies and wisdom. One he recently distributed caught my attention as companies are finalizing their 2011 business plans and I wanted to pass it along.
Here is Gary Brattland’s Recipe [...]

Why can’t the best sales rep become a good CRO?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jul 13 under CRO, Management, Staffing Process

This remains a frequently asked question so let’s resolve the issue. First, the best sales reps in most companies typically have a ‘hunter’ profile. This profile can have many variations but the common ‘threads’ are they take total accountability for their performance (no excuses) and they follow an intuitive, qualifying-to-close process that best fits their [...]

Jesse James, CRO

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 16 under CRO, Management

This month’s edition of Sales and Service Excellence magazine features a Chief Revenue Officer article I wrote based on the SRS 2.0 Revenue System. The article is an overview of the SRS system with some anecdotes sprinkled into it.
Local legend has it that Jesse was interviewed in his early outlaw days and asked “Why do [...]

The 80/20 CRO Role

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Apr 14 under CRO, Management

The Sales Revenue System 2.0 book defines 80% of the CRO role – coaching, accountability, motivation and staffing. Some folks have asked what’s typically included in the remaining 20%. Recognizing no two companies are identical, the 20% list can cover a wide bandwidth of topics. Below is a partial list of duties, tasks and responsibilities [...]

Street-Level Success

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Feb 9 under Management, Methodology

I received an interesting review of my book Sales Revenue System 2.0 recently – ”This is very street-level.”
My response was “Thank You!”
Just like you never see a bad sales resume, you also never see a bad business plan. After decades of reviewing new company startup plans, it became obvious the plans all had the same [...]

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