Workface Blog Interview

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 15 under CRO, Market, Message

I had a chance to sit down and talk with Lief Larson of Workface Blog this week.  His article is now posted on his site here.
To whet your whistle:
He said that prospective customers are like an acorn, and the way we help them grow into an oak is through nurturing. If so, then trust must [...]

New Year’s Resolution to the Marketing vs. Sales Conundrum

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 28 under Market, Message, Qualifying

The confusion over the roles of marketing and sales in the revenue cycle has been in play for decades. Sales claims they never get enough ‘good’ leads from Marketing and Marketing says they generate more than enough leads to make the budget if Sales only knew how to sell. This dysfunctional relationship progresses to a [...]

Where To Start?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 27 under Message

For those CRO’s thinking about doing their own Sales Revenue System 2.0 implementation (yes, we do encourage that option), the #1 question I get is – Where do I start?
The best answer depends on where you are today relative to the 4 core processes that comprise a fully integrated revenue system. If we don’t have [...]

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