Defining your Differentiating Value – Where do I start?

The first step moving from a features & benefits-based, go-to-market model to a Differentiating Value (DV) approach is defining your Differentiating Value. In B2B revenue models, the first question to ask is: How does my product / service improve the customer’s business? Forget the traditional quality, service and support pontifications. In B2B, quality, service and [...]

Eliminating Sales UFO’s

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Aug 13 under Methodology, Money, Qualifying, Sales Process

Our 5M’s sales process does not specify a sequence for qualifying prospects through the Motivation, Money, Methodology and Market qualifying questions. To qualify a prospect, you need to cover all of the M’s.
However, some sales teams are seeing higher numbers of UFO’s (Un- Funded Opportunities) such that starting with the Money discussion to confirm a [...]

The CQQ Process

POSTED BY Carl Moe on May 24 under CRO, Methodology, Qualifying

One frequently asked Revenue System implementation question is: How many Critical Qualifying Questions do we need?
There is no fixed answer to that question since the CQQ’s originate from the company’s Differentiating Value (DV) platform. The more DV, the more topics you have available for CQQ consideration. One suggestion I frequently make to CRO’s working through [...]

DIY Workbook Now Available

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Mar 26 under CRO, Qualifying

The Sales Revenue System 2.0 book defines the complete revenue system and how the four core processes are connected.  Many of our Do-It-Yourself clients have requested a program workbook to help facilitate their internal revenue system implementation project.  We felt that was a good idea and now have a ‘DIY Revenue Workbook’ available.  The workbook [...]

Simply to Sell

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Mar 5 under Qualifying, Sales Process

I still see clients working hard on their Differentiating Value positioning but ending up with statements that make their product or service appear complex. This is a repetitive behavior so at some level, the temptation to make something look complex must be viewed as one way to justify a higher price. Confusion is a fast [...]

My Worst Sale

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jan 19 under Methodology, Qualifying, Sales Process

I had the opportunity to reconnect with one of my college friends near the end of ‘09 and in a moment of reflection he had the ill manners to ask, “What was your biggest lost-sale disappointment?”
It took about 2 milliseconds to flash back to my computer systems days in Detroit. I was branch manager for [...]

New Year’s Resolution to the Marketing vs. Sales Conundrum

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 28 under Market, Message, Qualifying

The confusion over the roles of marketing and sales in the revenue cycle has been in play for decades. Sales claims they never get enough ‘good’ leads from Marketing and Marketing says they generate more than enough leads to make the budget if Sales only knew how to sell. This dysfunctional relationship progresses to a [...]

2010 – The Year of Qualifying

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Dec 7 under Qualifying, Sales Process

2010 will become the year of qualifying for those companies that will still be standing at year’s end. Our clients confirm there are no constraints on companies today regarding manufacturing capacity, facilities, staffing or vendor deliveries. Everything is in surplus except orders. This means the prospect (and current customer) qualifying process now has to address [...]

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