CRO Leadership Matrix

The CRO role – like all executive roles – is a combination of coaching, accountability, motivation and staffing. All too often CRO’s get busy with prospects, customers, and new market opportunities such that the consistency and effectiveness in their leadership role gets set aside. To avoid that mistake, we use a leadership activity matrix in [...]

Revenue Robots

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Oct 31 under CRO, Management, Staffing Process

Part of our Differentiating Value is to help companies identify and hire the right talent for their staffing plan. One consistent leadership error involves hiring a business development “hunter” and not providing an effective on-boarding program. Yes, these candidates are typically very independent in their sales efforts but they are not revenue robots. They still [...]

Core of Most Business Challenges

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Aug 29 under CRO, Staffing Process

One of our clients sent over a quote by Red Adair, a global expert (and Texas legend) in extinguishing oil well fires:
“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job wait until you hire an amateur.”
That about sums up what goes on in many companies today when it comes to [...]

Why can’t the best sales rep become a good CRO?

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jul 13 under CRO, Management, Staffing Process

This remains a frequently asked question so let’s resolve the issue. First, the best sales reps in most companies typically have a ‘hunter’ profile. This profile can have many variations but the common ‘threads’ are they take total accountability for their performance (no excuses) and they follow an intuitive, qualifying-to-close process that best fits their [...]

I wish I had known

POSTED BY Carl Moe on Jun 2 under Staffing Process

Our economy appears to be recovering in several sectors such that companies are once again looking at sales hiring. One of the most frequent CRO comments we have heard when assessing their existing sales team during the recession was, “I wish I had known that before we hired him (or her).”  That comment is usually [...]

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